I made my professional stage debut in 1978 when I had the great joy of playing Peter Pan, and since then I've been in over 60 professional plays and musicals, and counting. I've performed as an actor in dramas, comedies, farces, period pieces (Restoration comedies, Shakespeare, Coward, etc), musicals, physical theatre pieces, Dance Theatre pieces and cabarets.


I've also performed as a contemporary dancer (I have an MA in Dance Studies) a stand up comedian, singer, live entertainment host, puppeteer and as my comedy alter-ego male-burlesque persona, Major Suttle-Tease. Burlesque gives me the opportunity to combine many of my skills in one performance. In 2008 I won the UK Male Tournament of Tease, winning with the acrobatic duet I choreographed called Brokeback Disco Boys. I think I can say that my acts are unlike anyone else's in the burlesque scene and I consciously include socio-political commentary as part of my acts.

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written/created by RKS

"Love, Not Like"

formerly called 'Treatment''

Graham, an adulterous homophobic military Chaplain, hasn't spoken to his gay son for 20 years, but when Graham has a massive stroke, Ryan & his partner, Owen, agree to care for him, and in the process, father and son discover what happens when you allow yourself to care for someone you think you hate. 4 men, 3 women.


Monologues for Stereotypes. Set in the present, in a retro-dating agency, run by charming Irishman, Kieran Connelly, MonoStereo is a combination of farce and pathos - a comedy about loneliness that exposes the lies we tell each other and ourselves about our self-worth. 6 men, 6 women.

Get Screwed!

A satirical musical revue with 2 men, 2 women and a pianist. Satirical commentary ont he ways on which humans screw themselves up, screw the planet up, screw others up.

The Alchemist

A dramatic adaptation of the magical and inspiring book by Paolo Coehlo for a production combining drama, dance, song, puppetry and physical theatre. Cast size can vary but requires a minimum of 6 actors, best with 10-12