VOice Over 

I'm an experienced Voice Over artist with an ability to do a wide range of voices, accents & styles - ranging from commercials to narration to animation and everything in between.

Here are three voice over demos - one for  my American voices, one for narration in a variety of accents and the other for animation voices.

Most recently I voiced about 13 different characters for the video game Afterparty, created by the Night School Studio, each with a different accent and vocal quality! 

I also voiced a number of characters on the video game Skyrim, and I'm the voice of the British market advertisement for the toy RC Bumper Cars. I'm currently voicing 13 different characters in the extremely funny new video game being created by School of Night, called "Afterparty", set in Hell.

RKS Animation VO demo - Raymond-Kym Suttle
British Accents Voice Over - Raymond-Kym Suttle
American Voice Over - Raymond-Kym Suttle