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VOice Over

I'm an experienced Voice Over artist with an ability to do a wide range of voices, accents & styles - ranging from commercials to narration to animation and everything in between.

Here are three voice over demos - one for  my American voices, one for narration in a variety of accents and the other for animation voices.

Most recently I voiced about 13 different characters for the video game Afterparty, an extremely funny video game created by School of Night, set in Hell. Each character has a different accent and vocal quality! 


I also voiced a number of characters on both the video game Skyrim, and voiced characters for a similar game for voice director Bo Crutcher.


I'm also the voice of the British market advertisement for the toy RC Bumper Cars.

RKS Animation VO demo - Raymond-Kym Suttle
British Accents Voice Over - Raymond-Kym Suttle
American Voice Over - Raymond-Kym Suttle
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