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I spent a year at Michaelis Art School before transferring to drama and I have sold art works around the globe. I work primarily in acrylic paint & oil paint on canvas, and sometimes water colours on paper, but I also use elements of collage, found objects & découpage in my work.

I have a variety of styles ranging from realistic/representative figurative subjects to more cartoon-like figures and some abstract paintings. I love doing print-works too - wood-cuts, lino, etching, etc.

I have also done sculpture in the past, and love creating them but storage of sculptures is always tricky!

I've had three successful exhibitions to date: in Durban , Cape Town & London, as well as a few private commissions.

I've also been an Art Director for film shoots and love creating environments for films and plays. In addition, as part of my MA in Dance studies I studied Design for Dance & have done some work as a designer (costumes, sets & props).

Seated lady profile
Edge of the World
Daisy Deity
Klimt Chair Composite
Abstract Plant
Blue Chameleon
Icarus Detail right
Party Frocks Close Up
Underwear II
Party Frocks
Icarus - If you don't even try, you'll never fly
Icarus - detail
Lisa Diva Painting
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