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Suttle Dramas/Suttle Comedy

Suttle Dramas (formerly Pre-Mortem Prods) was created out of artistic director Raymond-Kym Suttle's desire to create quality films with intelligent scripts, great acting and beautiful cinematography.

It seems there are a lot of films and TV series made that have the attitude that no-one will notice the plot holes, inconsistencies, hackneyed plot-devices (like characters who don't do something or tell someone vital information because they wanted to 'protect' someone, or that incredibly frustrating dramatic 'device' of insisting that you can't tell someone over the phone who the killer is... sigh.

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It's been said way to often by too many people in all stages of a project that 'no-one will notice' or it's just entertainment, but the most satisfying entertainment happens when scripts are well thought-out and skillfully crafted and then directed and produced with integrity and attention to detail.


Suttle Dramas aims to create films that have a solid internal logic (so that an audience is never taken out of the action because they're thinking 'that makes no sense/why didn't they do the obvious thing?'), and yet also have a twist that hopefully the audience didn't see coming.

If you're a producer looking for innovative, well-written, thought-provoking dramatic scripts, or quirky, witty comedies, or imaginative sci-fi and fantasy scripts, then look no further. Here are a few samples of films (and excerpts) of projects produced by Raymond-Kym Suttle. These films and clips showcase his writing and directing skills. All of these films have been made with a MICRO BUDGET and filmed in one day or less! RKS is incredibly efficient on set. So imagine what he'll achieve with a decent budget!!!

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