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I have an MA in Dance Studies from the Laban Centre in London where I studied choreography, choreological studies, design for dance and contemporary dance.


I founded my Dance Theatre company, 'A Few Feet Akymbo', which combined text (usually poetry) with dance in 1996. Although my MA was focussed on contemporary dance, I have danced & choreographed a wide range of projects ranging from musicals to dances for Shakespearean plays, to choreographing for a pop group and routine for a pop song in a BBC children's special about bullying; a pop group; a fashion show for Yves Saint-Laurent & Ilias Lalaounis; as well as movement for non-dancers in physical theatre pieces. The best compliment I've ever received was a review that said my choreography was reminiscent of the great Pina Bausch. I've had my work at venues such as the Royal Festival Hall, and the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London.


As my male burlesque persona, Major Suttle-Tease, I manage to bring contemporary dance to many audience members who would probably never dream of attending a contemporary dance show, with acts such as my award winning acrobatic duet, Brokeback Disco Boys.

Dance Theatre Shows

Choreographed/written/created by RKS

Duet with Sia Maw - a long time ago! 1989 in fact. This was the basis for the choreography for Brokeback Disco Boys (image below). Below is the review we got for the show that this dance was part of: Footage.


If I look it, Then I probably Am

Performed at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) this was Dance Theatre piece based on gay poetry (hence the book in the photo) by poets both famous/infamous and original work by the cast: Steven Whinnery and Dale Tanner (DV8 dancer from Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men)

A retrospective of works choreographed by me:

Sorry! - an examination of the incessant need for the English to apologise for everything even when it's not their fault (you step on my foot and I'm the one who apologises). Duet with Amy Voris


We're Not in Kansas Anymore

A theatrical happening with poetry, acrobatic contemporary dance, comedy, and a real bath tub on stage! A 'fairy tale' about triumphing over the adversity of negative societal messages.

Not Whistler's; Mine - a reference to the painting 'Whistler's Mother. Starting with inspiration from Jennifer Ferguson's beautiful mournful ballad 'Bay of Bombay' that talks about the dreams that women have when they didn't become opera stars and instead become mothers - and the effect that has on their children.

Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir! - what French photographers used to say instead of 'Cheese/Smile for the camera'. A dance piece choreographed by taking photographs from the dancers' childhoods and constructing them into movement sequences. An examination of how gender roles are formed and indoctrination/gender programming occurs.

What a Bargain, Let's Buy it!

Dance Theatre piece based on the poetry of Rumi, philosophical Sufi poet from the 12th Century who wrote things that are still surprisingly relevant today.

The piece used the talents of dancers, actors, live music and technology.

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