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 Father of a Killer 

A distraught father talks to his teenage son, accused of murdering a young girl.

 Full Demo Reel 

Comedy & Drama Clips (plus bonus scene at end)

Longer versions of some of the scenes can be found down below

 20 Bullets
- extracts 
extract one 
extract Two

An extract from the sitcom Karma Daze, written by RKS & set in the Calmer Days Holistic Centre.

RKS as Gabriel Young


Scene from pilot episode of 'Bitten'

RKS as Ossian de la Court, a gentlemanly vampire


RKS as Ryan Thompson in a scene from the feature film 'Treatment', written by RKS

(working title 'Simplicity')


As Rev. Larry Proctor in Votocracy, written & directed by RKS