Yes. No. Maybe. 

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An award winning new play written & directed

by Raymond-Kym Suttle

"Yes. No. Maybe." had it's highly acclaimed


Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2019

It won an Encore Award

In 1993 the film 'Indecent Proposal' was released. A

very wealthy older man offers to pay a young married

couple a million dollars to sleep with the wife. They

decide that she'll do it & it adversely affects their

marriage, plus it becomes clear that the millionaire

wants more than one night with her.

In this updated scenario, set in 2019, the older man isn't

quite as old; he wants to sleep with the husband, not the

wife, and this time, his offer is really only hypothetical;

the younger man's wife is all for him giving the older man

what he wants as it's going to get her movie made, and

the young man will get himself cast in the leading role.


The play raises many questions, such as, why do we

want to be successful, and does it matter how we come

by that success? Another question raised in the play is:

what would YOU do for a million dollars? Or less?

Would you be happy to get the job you always wanted

if all it took was sex with someone you don't really find

attractive? Haven't many of us slept with someone we

didn't really find attractive, regretted it, but got over it,

even though we got nothing out of that transaction?

in the context of the #metoo movement, and rising levels of bigotry plus the push back from people hitherto labelled 'deviant/perverse', I'm looking at what would happen if the couple in question wasn't conflicted by the 'morality of monogamy' but rather the question is more about the morality of HOW we earn our money? Why are most parents proud of their kids for joining the army and don't really consider the fact that their child might actually have been paid to kill someone in combat, but would be mortified by that same child earning the same amount of money for having sex? Does it really mater how you got the job so long as once you've got it you do it well?


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Raymond-Kym Suttle


Austen Kenwood

Al LaFleur


Thorne Ellison

Kelly Rook Daly


Fleur Ellison

Dee Dee Stephens


Michelle Wyllie

Photos from shows directed by RKS