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Demo Reels

for actors

We make Really Professional Demo Reels for Professional Actors


If you want to be taken seriously as an actor you need to have a well made demo reel. That means great cinematography, good sound quality and great acting from everyone involved. You also need up-to-date photos that look like you so that when you walk into an audition the casting director isn’t immediately thinking: “You look nothing like your photo”.


What happens when a casting director is casting a project?


Casting directors receive literally hundreds of submissions for a role. Casting is time consuming and they don’t want to waste time calling in actors without seeing what they can do BEFORE they get into the room. If a casting director has a choice between someone who has a good demo reel and someone who has a bad demo reel, or nothing at all, it’s pretty obvious which one they’re going to choose.


So, with that in mind, let us help you maximize your chances of getting seen by creating a quality demo reel to show people what you can do!


We guarantee to provide you with the best value for money in the business.


What we offer:


  1. First we have a consultation to establish what your casting type is, what genre you want the scene in (drama, comedy, sci-fi, etc). You need a demo reel that demonstrates what you do well, not something that “shows your range” - which usually means actors wanting to do something that they're never going to be cast as...!

  2. RKS writes a script for you, that showcases your talent to the best advantage. Your contribution to the script content is welcome but ultimately we will only write and film scenes that have great, believable dialogue, and an engaging emotional arc.

  3. We can provide an actor for you to work with but that will cost slightly more. If you know someone else who wants a demo reel you can work together & split the cost. That being said, we always advise that you work with an actor who is skilled at what they do.

  4. We rehearse BEFORE the day so that you get a chance to work on details and nuance and get direction rather than trying to work it out on the day and then be frustrated that you didn’t do your best work. This reel is to maximize your chances of getting employed so it’s vital you do your best job in it!

  5. Filming day: we WON’T rush you in and out. Obviously we won’t shoot a one-page scene for hours on end, but we will make sure that the scene is working before we move on.

  6. You will get to see the edit just before it is finalized and get one opportunity to request changes before it is sent to you in whatever format is most useful to you.



We’ve priced ourselves competitively based on what other companies are offering and we are the only demo reel service with a ‘no-rush’ policy to hurry you in and out the door. The more scenes you book to film, the cheaper each scene gets!

Most Casting Directors want to see only a 60 second clip to help them decide if they want to audition you for a specific role. It's pointless having a long scene if they may only watch the first 30 seconds before making a decision. They want to see an appropriate clip for the role - it's pointless sending a comedy scene for a dramatic role and vice versa; or sending an uptight OCD character for a happy-go-lucky character casting.

Prices include all 6 points listed above. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is payable BEFORE the rehearsal. The remainder of the fee is payable BEFORE delivery of the final edit.

1 scene   - $800.00

2 scenes - $1,500.00

3 scenes - $ 2,100.00

If you want a scene that has any visual effects, special make-up, that will be an additional charge. If you want a make-up artisit for the shoot (recommended) we can organize a trained professional but their fee will be an additional extra.


Email us for a free consultation (via the website)

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