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Apparently I'm what's called a 'Renaissance Man'.


I'm a firm believer in us all being citizens of the world; patriotism and nationalism are divisive forces that prevent us from seeing that we're all on the same planet hurtling through space. There's nowhere else to go, so the sooner we stop killing each other and start looking after each other the better. By way of example, I'm an Irish citizen, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa; I graduated from the University of Cape Town and have an MA in Dance Studies from the Laban Centre, London; I lived in London for 23 years and now live in Los Angeles. I have family all over the world and my ancestry includes: English, Irish, Scandinavian and French. My family includes atheists, Christians, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Spiritualists, and agnostics. As a wise scientist has pointed out: if a woman from Zimbabwe has a child with a man from Norway what will she give birth to? A human being. We are all the same. Let's make as many friends as we can. Let's make ART not WAR.

Instead of changing careers, I've collected them along the way:

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Actor, Dancer, Singer, Compére/Host, Male Burlesque, Stand-up & Comedy Improv.

Director, choreographer, producer

Writer - plays/screenplays, lyrics, poems, prose, editor, script doctor

Director & film-maker


Teacher of acting, directing, writing, improv, and personal development workshop leader

Film editor, art director, executive producer


Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, Reiki Master

Artist - painter (works sold internationally), sculptor, print-maker

Qualified Shen Dao Feng Shui consultant (clients helped in the USA, UK, South Africa, Lebanon, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Norway)


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